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Our Classes

Little Gems Ballet and Movement

For boys and girls from 18months  up to 4  years +. Based on ballet. This is a fun class introducing the basics of ballet where children learn to listen and express themselves to the music. They sing songs, learn the movements to them and are transported into a world of imagination Classes are carefully taught helping young children to relate to movement, mime, props, familiar stories and songs. Children’s confidence grows as they express themselves through dance earning new skills and making lots of new friends.

 It is the perfect start as a foundation to the Pre Primary Ballet classes. Children must be confidently walking on their own and while we encourage them to do the class on their own we do allow the Parents / Guardians to come and join in!.

Little Gems Modern and tap

For boys and girls from age 5-7+ and 7-9 years A combination of Modern and Tap. Great fun is had by these young people learning how to make the sounds with their tap shoes and getting into the groove with the Modern dance. 

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre covers a wide range of Theatre skills including Singing, acting, prose reading, dance and much more.  


Our Contemporary classes are taken by one of our highly qualified contemporary teachers and we welcome dancers and school GCSE students to this class. Ages 11 and over only.

Pre Primary / Primary Ballet

 Classes  for Girls and Boys 5-7 + year olds are carefully taught helping young children to relate to movement, mime, props, familiar stories and songs. Children’s confidence grows as they express themselves through dance earning new skills and making lots of new friends. 

Grades and vocational Ballet

Elegance, poise, deportment and confidence that come from learning Ballet is a life long asset. The syllabus is designed to be safely taught at all levels. Pupils have the option to take  RAD accredited exams. We also offer the Vocational syllabus commencing with Intermediate Foundation up to Advanced 2. These are the professional exams and commence running alongside the grades.

Modern and Tap (IStd)

Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style is often seen in today’s theatres staging musical productions. The grades develop through  structured warm-ups, isolations and expressive movement and include adapted exercises for boys. 

Tap has been popularised throughout the world evolving as a dance form from America . This form of dance is also seen on stage in musicals such as Singing in the Rain and 42nd Street. 


AcroDance teaches the athleticism of acrobatics by promoting excellence in flexibility, strength, balance, tumbling, basic contortion and partner/ group stunting enhancing a dancer’s training, rather than working against it.

 We have chosen to affiliate ourselves with Acrobatic Arts and our certified teacher will follow a professional curriculum.

Examinations and adult tap

Examinations are held at intervals throughout the year when students are ready and well prepared in their particular genre. Due to covid we are still filming some exams.

RAD Ballet Exams

At vocational level we now have 7 senior students who now have now achieved the coveted ARAD after their names by passing the Advanced 2 RAD examination. Beginners are welcome at any age into the appropriate grade. We offer Pointe work in our Vocational classes at the teachers’ discretion.

Modern and Tap Exams

Many of our students reach or have taken Advanced 2 Modern and or Tap by the time they leave us to further their education. Many have also gained their DDE teaching qualifications while  studying at dance college or University.

 Adult Tap Classes

We have a beginners/Improvers Class and an Advanced Tap Class for Adults.

The advanced class is for adults who have previously trained in Tap. The classes are for fun and fitness and have proved very popular.


As a formal pupil of Nicola Miles I can highly recommend the incredible standard of training that I received from Miss Nicola herself and her teaching faculty. I joined at the age of five and had many varying opportunities to perform offered to me. My time at the studios was fun and very rewarding. Due to my early dance training I was able to take a three year Musical Theatre Degree at a London Studio Centre and as a result I am now pursuing my dream career in musical theatre”.

Elle Locke (Student)

” I have great deal to thank Nicola Miles for, both as a teacher and principal of Nicola Miles Theatre Studios. Our daughter joined the school at age 3 and stayed with Nicola until she went to University at 18. During that time many exams, festivals and shows took place and this taught Charlotte discipline, respect and the enjoyment of dance and drama. All the teachers were professional and encouraging and helped Charlotte to achieve excellent results. The school provides a safe environment and the ability to make life long friends. I highly recommend Nicola Miles Theatre Studios“.

Leigh Pullar (Parent)

I am so thankful for this dance school. They not only taught me how to dance, act and sing. They taught me how to be respectful, well mannered passionate and committed.

I owe it all to Nicola Miles Theatre Studios. They pushed me and gave me the best foundations I could possibly have before winning a scholarship into one of the top colleges in London.
I have not stopped Working professionally since and am forever grateful”.


Carla Smith (Student)

Lee Dore - Parent
 “Excellent Dance School. Friendly, qualified dance teachers. My daughter has loved her time here. 5 stars. Her daughter Aimee is off to do a Degree course at East 15.”
Una ferguson
“A fabulous place, friendly and welcoming classes.
  • 5 stars . Her daughter Eva is currently studying at Roehampton on the Contemporary Degree course”
Kristen Deeley

“I trained at Nicola Miles Theatre Studios from the age of 3-17. I can honestly say, it was the best time of my life. I learnt skills that have stayed with me and helped me immensely in my chosen career path. Confidence, sharing, independence, working as a team, the importance of learning from mistakes, the joy of movement and music, collaboration.
The opportunities I had were incredible and the memories will be ones that I know will be some of my most powerful.
Now I have a daughter of my own, and she attends Nicola Miles also. Her first little gems sessions were with Miss Nicola, which is has been amazing for me to see someone who instilled so much learning and guidance for me, now providing the same for my daughter.
A beautiful, nurturing school that I would highly recommend.”

Highly recommended

Jo Walton

“.”Both my daughters have had the privilege of learning to sing and dance at Nicola Miles. They’ve had brilliant experiences performing in shows, festivals and pantomimes, made lots of friends and learned skills for life. The girls achieved top grades in Ballet, Tap and Modern up to Advanced level. My elder is now studying for a BA in Professional acting at The Drama Studio and spent her Summer at the National youth theatre. My younger is still enjoying singing lessons and loves musical theatre. Nicola Miles has been brilliant!

felicity wadey
“My daughter currently attends here and is really growing into a confident performer with the teaching and encouragement of all the teachers”.
  • 5 stars
Sue Clark

“Great technical training over a number of years in a fun, supportive atmosphere for ballet, modern, tap and contemporary (other genres but these are our personal experiences). Competitions (festivals and Dance World Cup), exams (RAD and ISTD) and shows – not compulsory but a good option if children want to participate. Enabled my daughters to both go onto study dance at further specialist education establishments (BA hons and A level equivalent).”

Great opportunities






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