Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style is often seen in today’s theatres staging musical productions. Known for its theatrical qualities it is a combination of stage performance, Jazz and other dance styles. The grades develop through a series of structured warm-ups, isolations and expressive movement and include adapted exercises for boys.

Students learn combined and travelling steps, kicks, turns and leaps as well as different routines to suit all styles. Exams can be taken in all grades right up to Advanced 2.


Our Contemporary classes are taken by one of our highly qualified contemporary teachers and we welcome dancers and school GCSE students to this class. Ages 12 and over only.


Tap has been popularised throughout the world evolving as a dance form from America whilst sources also claim its origins are from African dance, Irish dance and/or clog dancing . Using their feet to strike the floor with tap shoes which have small metal plates on the toe and heel to give the distinctive sound, dancers can beat out varying sounds. This form of dance is also seen on stage in musicals such as Singing in the Rain and 42nd Street. 

Little Gems Ballet and Movement

This new class for boys and girls featured on our New Classes page is for up to 4+ year olds and based primarily on ballet. It is the perfect start as a foundation to the Pre Primary Ballet classes. Children must be confidently walking on their own and while we encourage them to do the class on their own we do allow the Parents to come and join in.  Interactive class with Props and stories to enable children to use their imagination.

Little Gems Moovers and Groovers

This class for boys and girls starts from  5-7+ with a combination of Modern and Tap, progressing onto the Modern Theatre and Tap grades. Great fun is had by these young people learning how to make the sounds with their tap shoes and getting into the groove with the Modern dance. 

Adult Tap Classes

We have a beginners/Improvers Class and an Advanced Tap Class for Adults.

The advanced Class is for adults who have previously trained in Tap


UCAS tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value, which some universities, colleges, and conservatoires may refer to in their course entry requirements. If students took their Grade 6 and/or Intermediate from 1st September 2010 (when the qualification was transferred to the Qualifications and Credit Framework), they can receive the following UCAS points.

The number of points they can get depends on how well they did in their examination (i.e. Distinction, Merit or Pass).

Grade 6 Tariff Points Intermediate Tariff Points
Distinction 12 Distinction 20
Merit 10 Merit 14
Pass 8 Pass 8