Singing and Musical Theatre


Singing and Musical Theatre

These classes are 1 or 2 in a group providing an ideal setting for learning the required techniques and songs for the new examinations (not compulsory). It will also give time for the teacher to prepare pupils for festivals and auditions for those that wish to enter. 

Singing is a key requirement for those wishing to make Theatre their chosen profession giving confidence and enhancing their performance skills. Also beneficial even if they only wish to perform as a hobby later.

Music Theatre examinations

These are available through the London College of Music. The LCM exams are accredited by the University of West London and Ofqual.

The exams, available on a solo or duet basis are in a graded format and all song choices are chosen and prepared by the teacher following the LCM Music Theatre syllabus. The teacher also decides which grade is suitable for the pupil to take. The grades range from Step 1 (equivalent to pre primary in Dance ) to Grade 8. The exams can be performed with backing tracks and costumes / use of props are strongly encouraged.