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Welcome to Nicola Miles Theatre Studios. Our aim is to provide high quality training in dance and theatre arts in an environment which is safe, caring, stimulating and fun. We teach RAD Ballet, ISTD Tap, ISTD Modern, Contemporary, Jazz & Limbering and National, along with classes for adults. All of our staff have experience working within theatre/performing arts and the media.

Based in Worthing and currently using 2 venues – Worthing College and Findon Valley Free Church.  We are a well-established school with a high standard of work, excellent examination results and festival work. Students have danced at the “All England Finals” and the “Dance World Cup Finals”.  The school also holds first place winning groups, duets and solos at the “Grandison Clarke Awards” held by the ISTD.

FULL TERMS NOTICE IS REQUIRED IN WRITING FOR THE REMOVAL OF A PUPIL FROM ANY SUBJECT FOR WHATEVER REASON OR THE FOLLOWING TERMS FEES ARE PAYABLE IN FULL. THERE ARE 3 TERMS PER YEAR AS PER THE EDUCATIONAL SCHOOLS : ( SPRING) JANUARY TERM : SUMMER TERM : AUTUMN (SEPTEMBER) TERM.  If circumstances are beyond our control either with the ongoing Covid Pandemic, inclement weather, where a teacher is unwell or unable to get to the venue or a venue is shut for whatever reason, we will do our best, where possible, to offer an alternative class or zoom class. 

It rarely happens, however, no fees are refundable in these circumstances.


Elle Locke (student)  “As a formal pupil of Nicola Miles Theatre Studios I can highly recommend the incredible standard of training that I received from Miss Nicola and her teaching faculty.  I joined at the age of five and had many opportunities to perform.  My time at the studios was fun and very rewarding. Due to my early dance training I was able to take a three year Musical Theatre Degree at a London Studio Centre and am now pursuing my dream career in musical theatre”.

Leigh Pullar (Parent) - NMTS Testimonial

Leigh Pullar (Parent)  “My daughter Charlotte joined the school at 3 and stayed with Nicola until University.  Taking exams and entering festivals and shows her discipline, respect and the enjoyment of dance and drama. The professional teachers were encouraging and helped her achieve excellent results. The school provides a safe environment and the ability to make life-long friends. I highly recommend Nicola Miles Theatre Studios“.

Carla Smith - NMTS Testimonial

Carla Smith (Student)  “I am so thankful for this dance school. They not only taught me how to dance, act and sing. They taught me how to be respectful, well- mannered passionate and committed.  I owe it all to Nicola Miles Theatre Studios. They encouraged and gave me the best foundations I could possibly have before winning a scholarship into one of the top colleges in London The Urdang Academy.  I have not stopped Working professionally since and am forever grateful”.


Lee Dore – (Parent)

“Excellent Dance School. Friendly, qualified dance teachers. My daughter has loved her time here.”
5 Stars.
Her daughter Aimee is off to do a Degree course at East 15.

Jo Walton

“Both my daughters have had the privilege of learning to sing and dance at Nicola Miles. They’ve had brilliant experiences performing in shows, festivals and pantomimes, made lots of friends and learned skills for life. The girls achieved top grades in Ballet, Tap and Modern up to Advanced level. My elder is now studying for a BA in Professional acting at The Drama Studio and spent her Summer at the National youth theatre. My younger is still enjoying singing lessons and loves musical theatre. Nicola Miles has been brilliant!

Una Ferguson

“A fabulous place, friendly and welcoming classes.”
5 Stars
Her daughter Eva is currently studying at Roehampton on the Contemporary Degree course.

Felicity Wadey

“My daughter currently attends here and is really growing into a confident performer with the teaching and encouragement of all the teachers”.
5 Stars

Kristen Deeley

“I trained at Nicola Miles Theatre Studios from the age of 3-17. I can honestly say, it was the best time of my life. I learnt skills that have stayed with me and helped me immensely in my chosen career path. Confidence, sharing, independence, working as a team, the importance of learning from mistakes, the joy of movement and music, collaboration.  The opportunities I had were incredible and the memories will be ones that I know will be some of my most powerful.
Now I have a daughter of my own, and she attends Nicola Miles also. Her first little gems sessions were with Miss Nicola, which is has been amazing for me to see someone who instilled so much learning and guidance for me, now providing the same for my daughter.  A beautiful, nurturing school that I would highly recommend.”

Sue Clark

My children have been at NMTS since they were under 3. 
They both love to dance and have good friendships with other children at the dance school. 
There are a variety of classes available including modern, tap and ballet (RAD) and the quality of teaching is high which culminates in excellent exam results. 
Both exams and festivals (competitions) are optional.
Chloe has just been accepted to train with the Canadian Youth Ballet

Kelly O’Haire

My daughter attends this dance school and loves it.  All the teachers are highly qualified and encourage the children to learn the discipline and skills needs to dance well in a fun and inclusive way.
The school offers ballet, tap and modern classes from 3 upwards.  The school also enters festivals and children have the chance to enter individual and group classes.